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Hi Linda!
Just wanted to let you know that Jasmine has a new love of swimming with you as her teacher! She can't wait to get to swim school!
In Primary school this week she started swimming classes at the Pavillions, she was so excited to tell me that she did everything you told her and managed to get into group 2 of 5! This is 2 groups higher than her big sister managed in Year 4. This has really motivated her! One of the other mums was miffed that Jasmine was in a high group 'because she is so small'!!! So proud of her! Keep up the good work 4SSwimschool!! To see Jazzie gain confidence is priceless!

15th July 2017


My children are 6 and 8 years old.  We have been with Jackie and Linda for over two years and have found their skill and manner with my children excellent.  They are very approachable and have a way of making swimming lessons fun, even when it is lanes!  They have transformed my children into strong, confident and able swimmers - for which I am very grateful.

July 2016


Amy has been swimming with Linda since she was four and half years old. She is now nine and a half years old. Amy loves swimming with Linda and goes from strength to strength and is currently working for Badge 9 out of 10. Amy is flourishing in all strokes – front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly, as well as in the use of fins, diving and turn techniques.  Amy has won 5 first place medals over the last 2 years at her school swimming galas for all the strokes, which I attribute to Linda’s very successful teaching methods and support.


Best Wishes



July 2016






Thank you so much Jackie  for working your magic with Hayden today. He was a little bit nervous before his swimming class as I had said he would be doing more strokes in the deep end during his lessons. But my husband said he was absolutely fine in class and he came out having thoroughly enjoyed himself. So thank you once again for looking after him and encouraging him to try new things.


Katie – Crawley







Jackie and Linda got both of my children off to a cracking start in their swimming-now are both great competitive swimmers. Both very patient and skilled swim teachers.





Excellent Teachers have taught both my boys swimming, very patient and understanding and would highly reccomend.








Feeling so proud , 8 months ago Olivia was apprehensive to even get in the pool during her lessons. Today she swam in the deep end unaided and her face was a picture- she couldn’t stop beaming. Thank you 4S Swim school she loves her swimming with you all.


Mrs kerley





Can you believe the difference in Amy since starting with yourselves. 


Can you remember the mornings we would all beg, plead and coax Amy into the water... the feeling of dread used to hit me each Saturday morning of what the lesson would consist of and how much time it would take to get Amy into the water, let alone try to teach her something relevant to swimming.  


The times I have thought enough is enough, she may never learn to swim... but as a parent know that this life skill could not only be enjoyed on our annual holidays for example, but potentially, safe her life or the life of another.


Now... each morning she is up and ready to swim, chatters on about what she has learnt and what she needs to learn to progress, can you believe that last night she asked us to look into a swim club where she could start to compete and take her swimming to the next level.


She has come on leaps and bounds and I thank you Jackie and  Linda for your patience with her fear of water and commitment you both show to not only Amy but each child that you teach, I can see from the side lines each week that you both know each individuals childs strengths and weaknesses.


Our holidays this year have consisted of sitting by the pool side whilst Amy spends many hour upon hour in the pool with friends that she has made, swimming, diving, and using the aqua slides.  She has seen from her commitment to swimming lessons that it’s not just about the way that you swim, different strokes, it also opens many doors when in different environments to make new friends and most importantly to have fun.  


I cannot thank you enough and look forward to more lessons to see them both only improve, and if asked would recommend your classes to anyone. And for those parents who may suffer as I did each week, please persevere, ignore the tears, be strong and put your faith in the teachers of 4Swimschool, believe me it will get better and it is worth every penny and every tantrum!.


Best regards

I really can't praise Jackie Reeves  enough for the fantastic job she has done in teaching Freya to swim. Freya is confident and graceful in the water and it warms my heart and makes me so proud to see her doing so well. Thank you Jackie!


Best wishes Zoe